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Tornado Dreams

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So many tornado dreams.... [May. 15th, 2015|11:12 pm]
Tornado Dreams

I've already had several this year. Several involved being at my college at 11:44 P.m. while under a PDS tornado watch (though nothing happened, i could tell it was a dream by looking at the severe weather alerts map on noaa where they don't differentiate between pds and regular tornado watches) and this happened twice last year. Others include being too close to a violent tornado near a small illinois town (this occurred multiple times since i was 9). My most recent one was where i was chasing a tornado and watched a house get destroyed and i was too close yet i didn't sucked up into the tornado. I've had a few as a kid where i would look out my window at my grade school just before the sirens went off (though i implied that there was a tornado as the sky looked pretty dark, almost like nighttime). Anyway, i would go into more detail but i'll do that later.
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Woke up to another tornado dream [Aug. 3rd, 2013|09:09 am]
Tornado Dreams

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When I created this community many years ago I mentioned that I had reoccurring tornado dreams since I was a child. Well I still have them and now...I am 43yrd old. I suspect I will have them forever.

This morning I woke up having had another "dream". This time driving somewhere between Western Maryland and Ohio-so it seemed in the dream.

I must have been with my Dad. I remember him driving & reaching the top of the hill and as we were coming down into a little town below, the tornadoes were just forming everywhere. Mostly white cloud ones coming down from the dark sky. Some managed to stick around but most just formed and blew away-disappearing like ghosts.

I had my iPhone with me and managed to get some photos which was one of the more unique things about this whole dream. In the middle of this crazy thing, I checked my phone to see if I had gotten enough good photos before my dad drove into a hole in the road. We were able to get out, but the car was stuck. I found a guy to ask if he could help up and as he said he could try and get us out but only when the storm passed and urged us to take shelter. I then woke up.

It was just like that. I didn't seem too concerned about getting caught in these storms. I kinda just wanted to make sure I caught them on my camera phone.

Which I suppose is pretty close to normal as I am ALWAYS carrying that thing around, taking photos. I remember when someone hit me with their car while I was driving my Dad to lunch on a Friday a few years ago. The first thing I did was Tweet about it-in like 1 minute after I check to make sure he was okay. I then managed to get photos of the damage instantly. It came in handy. What surprised me was how fast I was able to grab it, turn it on, and use it. Weird world these days.

I has been many months since my last tornado dream-maybe even over a year. The time is growing longer and longer between these dreams.

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1st tornado dream in about 2 years [Oct. 12th, 2009|10:16 am]
Tornado Dreams
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Hello, I just stumbled upon this community this morning after waking up from another dream involving tornadoes.  I have been having tornado dreams since about middle school I would say.  I live in  Georgia and we occasionally have tornadoes.  I have seen a few  but I am not particularly scared of them in real life, but I remember being scared of them a few times as a kid growing up in Texas.  What interests me more is trying to find a meaning behind the dream.  My tornado dreams are never quite the same and there always seems to be a different defining characteristic about each dream.  When they first began, they were always nightmarish and I was always trying to run away and hide.  Everytime I have the dream, I am in a different place.  However, occasionally, usually at happier points in my life, they turn from nightmarish to fun.  I have actually had several dreams where I am leaping from tornado to tornado and I simulate flying.  I can control the tornadoes and nobody that I know is in danger.  Last night, however, was not a good one.  I have been particularly stressed with school, looking for a different job, my current job, and being out of a serious relationship.    My dream last night involved tornadoes moving in all directions and I was trapped in a restaurant (with walls made entirely of glass of course).  Tornadoes were destroying everything in their path, and then at a single moment, 2 tornadoes switch directions and head straight toward me and this restaurant full of terrified people.  Right as the tornado hits I duck down, close my eyes, and then poof, they disappear and I am completely fine.  I stand up from my current spot to see everyone else still down on the ground bracing for impact.  At this point I have the realization that I am dreaming and I wake myself up from my dream.  At least that was how it appeared to me.  This dream was unique in the fact that of my nightmarish dreams I didn't perceive myself as dying at the end.  I simply stood up and ended the dream on my own terms.  Anyways, I am trying to figure out what this might mean for me.  Any ideas?
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Mahahaha! [Sep. 23rd, 2009|05:17 pm]
Tornado Dreams

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Today's xkcd comic seemed appropriate for this community...

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(no subject) [Sep. 10th, 2009|12:50 pm]
Tornado Dreams

Hi, I searched for some information about tornadoes on LJ and stumbled upon this: I also have tornado dreams since I was a kid (right now I'm 23).
Where I come from (Latvia) tornadoes are rarely seen, maybe 3 per year, and usually they are rated F1, but in my dreams they are always big and violent and there are lots of them coming at me. I am scared but at the same time strangely excited, like they symbolize something new coming (new events or new life in general). Usually these dreams occur before  I have to make big decisions or in a very responsible moment in my life.
Though sometimes i get tired of these dreams (always have to bring my family and friends to safe places), I still hope that these dreams will never leave me.
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Amazing Tornado Captured on film! [Jun. 9th, 2009|12:27 am]
Tornado Dreams

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Another dream [Apr. 26th, 2009|05:06 am]
Tornado Dreams

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Awoke from another one of these bad tornado dreams...

Although I have had a few over the past year- this one really sucked.
There were a lot of small unexpected tornadoes everywhere which made me even more nervous because I could not tell where to go to get away.

At the end of my dream... having been driving in my parents car- watching these tiny storms along the way (and this time as an adult but still a passenger like I was as a kid) They stopped at a very high over-look spot and my mom got out to go look- followed by my dad. I stayed in car. All I remember is seeing my mother walk over to the edge and throw herself off. My dad reached out to grab her and stop her but he went over with her.

That is when I woke up.
In a hot soaked sweaty bed.

Never fun...

Age:39 -have been plagued by reoccurring tornado dreams since the early 1970's.

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Tornado in Siberia, Surgut [Sep. 5th, 2008|05:40 pm]
Tornado Dreams

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My experience with these dreams [Jul. 2nd, 2008|05:25 pm]
Tornado Dreams

I just found this community, and like a few others, have had many dreams involving tornadoes but didn't realize how common they were. I live in an area that is a near a beach and rarely sees tornadoes at all (I've also never been in a tornado, but I have seen them a few times before), although we had some tiny ones recently but they weren't near my house. However, what troubles me about my dreams is that I have had them since I was a kid (I'm almost 21.)

*a picture I took awhile back, a few blocks away. It never developed further than that.

Some past dreams I had:
*When I was little I dreamt that I was in the field next to my aunts house (next door to me in real life) and one of my friends was there. I was trying to get him to safety. I believe I failed to.
*I've had several dreams where I have gone onto the deck of my house and tried to tell my mother that a tornado was coming. Everytime the dream is generally the same, but the tornado might look different. Sometimes it was a gray sky with a thin cyclone, other times it was night and storming and I could see it because of the lightening. When I try to tell my mother, she never listens. I usually wake up with a feeling I probably didn't save anyone.
*Most of my dreams involve me trying to save my brother who hasn't been able to walk since he was born due to a medical condition. He is mentally retarded as well and often I am the one cleaning out our shower (which in reality is the safest room for us to go to) and picking him up or dragging him by myself to safety.
*Sometimes I try to rescue the cats as well (we have 2, one I am very very close to and he usually comes to me in the dream so he is safe)

*Awhile back I had a dream I was in my grandfather's home (he lives a few blocks from me) and its really vague but I remember seeing the tornado (from either the window or his deck-porch, Im not sure) and I was rushing everyone (my grandfather, my girlfriend, ect) to a safe place, which happened to be a room in the back of the house. This room was way more luxurious than in real life and was entered on the opposite side you would enter it in real life. It is also the room where my grandma died when I was in 3rd grade. The room had a bathtub that most of us climbed into and then a robber showed up. I don't really remember anything after that, but it wasn't scary.
*Two days ago I had a dream that I was at my grandma's home in Amarillo and it was me, one of my male friends, and my gf staying there. My grandma was in the kitchen and I remember seeing the tornado as being very dark (black with browns and very wide, almost like a black hole above the house) and just forming above the house (like I could see through the cieling, but it was still there). My grandma seemed pretty oblivious, and I suspect this is due to my suspicion she is going to die within the next year.
*Last night I had a dream I saw a tornado forming in the yard outside my window (it was a dark blue color, but looked strong) and I went to clean out the shower (as mentioned above, its the safest room in my home) and I grabbed my gf and my cat and got them to the shower. I remember worrying about my brother as well.

I'm never really sure what these dreams mean or why I have them, I just know I've always had them since I was 6 or 7. Anyway, those are my dreams, maybe you guys can figure out what they might mean?
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Interesting Storm! [Aug. 29th, 2007|04:26 pm]
Tornado Dreams

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