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Tornado Dreams

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My experience with these dreams [Jul. 2nd, 2008|05:25 pm]
Tornado Dreams


I just found this community, and like a few others, have had many dreams involving tornadoes but didn't realize how common they were. I live in an area that is a near a beach and rarely sees tornadoes at all (I've also never been in a tornado, but I have seen them a few times before), although we had some tiny ones recently but they weren't near my house. However, what troubles me about my dreams is that I have had them since I was a kid (I'm almost 21.)

*a picture I took awhile back, a few blocks away. It never developed further than that.

Some past dreams I had:
*When I was little I dreamt that I was in the field next to my aunts house (next door to me in real life) and one of my friends was there. I was trying to get him to safety. I believe I failed to.
*I've had several dreams where I have gone onto the deck of my house and tried to tell my mother that a tornado was coming. Everytime the dream is generally the same, but the tornado might look different. Sometimes it was a gray sky with a thin cyclone, other times it was night and storming and I could see it because of the lightening. When I try to tell my mother, she never listens. I usually wake up with a feeling I probably didn't save anyone.
*Most of my dreams involve me trying to save my brother who hasn't been able to walk since he was born due to a medical condition. He is mentally retarded as well and often I am the one cleaning out our shower (which in reality is the safest room for us to go to) and picking him up or dragging him by myself to safety.
*Sometimes I try to rescue the cats as well (we have 2, one I am very very close to and he usually comes to me in the dream so he is safe)

*Awhile back I had a dream I was in my grandfather's home (he lives a few blocks from me) and its really vague but I remember seeing the tornado (from either the window or his deck-porch, Im not sure) and I was rushing everyone (my grandfather, my girlfriend, ect) to a safe place, which happened to be a room in the back of the house. This room was way more luxurious than in real life and was entered on the opposite side you would enter it in real life. It is also the room where my grandma died when I was in 3rd grade. The room had a bathtub that most of us climbed into and then a robber showed up. I don't really remember anything after that, but it wasn't scary.
*Two days ago I had a dream that I was at my grandma's home in Amarillo and it was me, one of my male friends, and my gf staying there. My grandma was in the kitchen and I remember seeing the tornado as being very dark (black with browns and very wide, almost like a black hole above the house) and just forming above the house (like I could see through the cieling, but it was still there). My grandma seemed pretty oblivious, and I suspect this is due to my suspicion she is going to die within the next year.
*Last night I had a dream I saw a tornado forming in the yard outside my window (it was a dark blue color, but looked strong) and I went to clean out the shower (as mentioned above, its the safest room in my home) and I grabbed my gf and my cat and got them to the shower. I remember worrying about my brother as well.

I'm never really sure what these dreams mean or why I have them, I just know I've always had them since I was 6 or 7. Anyway, those are my dreams, maybe you guys can figure out what they might mean?

From: (Anonymous)
2010-12-12 08:02 pm (UTC)
I have recurring tornado dreams. It seems they are foretelling of some sort of apocolyptic event, like the rapture. In my dreams,it usually begins with me spotting one tornado, and then as I turn I notice there are several all around me. They are black and wide and come ever closer. In my mind there are seven of them, but I see more and more. Even if there are a dozen of them, there are still seven. I cannot seem to find the significance. They just lead me to prayer, knowing I am fixing to die, although I try several means of escape. There are always others around me, but they are different people each time. I am also in different places:in a car, in a house, in a store,etc. I feel that these dreams are a warning somehow.
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