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1st tornado dream in about 2 years [Oct. 12th, 2009|10:16 am]
Tornado Dreams
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Hello, I just stumbled upon this community this morning after waking up from another dream involving tornadoes.  I have been having tornado dreams since about middle school I would say.  I live in  Georgia and we occasionally have tornadoes.  I have seen a few  but I am not particularly scared of them in real life, but I remember being scared of them a few times as a kid growing up in Texas.  What interests me more is trying to find a meaning behind the dream.  My tornado dreams are never quite the same and there always seems to be a different defining characteristic about each dream.  When they first began, they were always nightmarish and I was always trying to run away and hide.  Everytime I have the dream, I am in a different place.  However, occasionally, usually at happier points in my life, they turn from nightmarish to fun.  I have actually had several dreams where I am leaping from tornado to tornado and I simulate flying.  I can control the tornadoes and nobody that I know is in danger.  Last night, however, was not a good one.  I have been particularly stressed with school, looking for a different job, my current job, and being out of a serious relationship.    My dream last night involved tornadoes moving in all directions and I was trapped in a restaurant (with walls made entirely of glass of course).  Tornadoes were destroying everything in their path, and then at a single moment, 2 tornadoes switch directions and head straight toward me and this restaurant full of terrified people.  Right as the tornado hits I duck down, close my eyes, and then poof, they disappear and I am completely fine.  I stand up from my current spot to see everyone else still down on the ground bracing for impact.  At this point I have the realization that I am dreaming and I wake myself up from my dream.  At least that was how it appeared to me.  This dream was unique in the fact that of my nightmarish dreams I didn't perceive myself as dying at the end.  I simply stood up and ended the dream on my own terms.  Anyways, I am trying to figure out what this might mean for me.  Any ideas?

From: (Anonymous)
2011-03-25 10:03 pm (UTC)
i have the same dreams i am scared of tornadoes and lightnig. When did you start thease dreams in stared in middl school.?
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