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Woke up to another tornado dream [Aug. 3rd, 2013|09:09 am]
Tornado Dreams


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When I created this community many years ago I mentioned that I had reoccurring tornado dreams since I was a child. Well I still have them and now...I am 43yrd old. I suspect I will have them forever.

This morning I woke up having had another "dream". This time driving somewhere between Western Maryland and Ohio-so it seemed in the dream.

I must have been with my Dad. I remember him driving & reaching the top of the hill and as we were coming down into a little town below, the tornadoes were just forming everywhere. Mostly white cloud ones coming down from the dark sky. Some managed to stick around but most just formed and blew away-disappearing like ghosts.

I had my iPhone with me and managed to get some photos which was one of the more unique things about this whole dream. In the middle of this crazy thing, I checked my phone to see if I had gotten enough good photos before my dad drove into a hole in the road. We were able to get out, but the car was stuck. I found a guy to ask if he could help up and as he said he could try and get us out but only when the storm passed and urged us to take shelter. I then woke up.

It was just like that. I didn't seem too concerned about getting caught in these storms. I kinda just wanted to make sure I caught them on my camera phone.

Which I suppose is pretty close to normal as I am ALWAYS carrying that thing around, taking photos. I remember when someone hit me with their car while I was driving my Dad to lunch on a Friday a few years ago. The first thing I did was Tweet about it-in like 1 minute after I check to make sure he was okay. I then managed to get photos of the damage instantly. It came in handy. What surprised me was how fast I was able to grab it, turn it on, and use it. Weird world these days.

I has been many months since my last tornado dream-maybe even over a year. The time is growing longer and longer between these dreams.